The Bible Explained book includes:

  • Numerous easy to understand illustrations
  • The Trinity explained
  • Psalms and Proverbs categorized
  • How to recognize and avoid 'New Age' Deceptions
  • Memorization techniques for renewing the Mind
  • Self Esteem through Jesus Christ
  • Biblical Helps and Exercises
  • Scriptural 'help' references
  • Scriptural Relationship Guidance
  • Extensive Appendix with guidance to finding 50 famous Bible Stories and much more!

Extra Bonus

List of title contents (and meanings) for EVERY chapter in the Bible.  This list was retrieved from a Bible passed down through 150 years of generations!


Spend an hour with Edna and...

  • Learn how to find any book in the Bible without looking in the index

  • How to dress for Spiritual Battle in the Whole Armor of God

  • Follow along via a powerful, educational presentation       

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