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Liberation is a Spiritual Thing!
"...and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." 

(II Corinthians 3:17)

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TheBibleExplained.com and ForWivesOnly.com are both HERE!!  The books, Biblical structure workshops, and power-filled graphic presentations will liberate you to experience and understand the Bible in exciting new ways.  All are great learning tools for children, youth, women's and men's groups.  FREE sample newsletter will be sent upon request.



Married 49 years, author Edna Stigger accepts the apostle Paul's challenge to be a woman of God (Titus 2: 3-5). Prose, poetry and her own stories which sustained her through growth experiences of unconditional love, forgiveness, suffering, grief, and the miracles of God's grace and mercy, are shared in poignant detail. For Wives Only is a testimony and learning tool to perseverance & unconditional love that every wife...or any woman who dares...should read.  Please click here for details.

Ever had difficulty understanding the Bible or even not sure which Testament - Old or New - a particular book was in?

Now you can get a partial overview of the Bible in the time it takes to watch a TV program!  This easy to use reference guide provides you with an enjoyable and easy way to learn and teach Bible history and principles.  Please click here for details!


Want to chart your Christian growth?  Have you spiritually matured?  Found a revelation of divine inspiration? 

The Spiritual Journal will give you an orderly, recorded compilation of how the Lord is caring for you and granting you favor.  It is designed to help you "Record It" in your Spiritual Journal.    This Spiritual Journal is a perfect compliment to The Bible Explained.  Please click here for details.


  Presentations & Workshops

Whether its for an hour or a weekend spiritual retreat, Edna Stigger will bring her dynamic and powerful presentation or workshop to your group.


bulletLearn how to find any book in the Bible without looking in the index

bulletLearn how to dress for Spiritual Battle in the Whole Armor of God

bulletSpecial "For Women Only" Workshop  with teachings directly from the

              captivating and best-selling book, For Wives Only.


Believing is Seeing. 

Set aside special time and invite this exciting author and teacher 

to your study session or event.  Details here.